System performance is D.A.R.s top priority when it comes to system design and location.  Discrete and hidden systems are also a goal.  Whenever possible Denver Area Radon is happy to engage with home owners, home buyers, and agents, on site to discuss pros and cons of system location and configuration.      

Denver Area Radon provides a full range of radon system installations and repair, in addition to modification and upgrades to non D.A.R. systems.

Full service 3rd party followup testing at no additional charge.

Customized radon system design.

One bid, one man, one day, full system approach. 

New business - OLD technician - 16 years experience in the industry, with roughly two thousand system installations in the Denver metro area.

Certified by N.R.P.P. and listed by the state of Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.

Superior accessibility.  Phones are answered, messages checked, and calls are returned, through out the working day, as well as weekends and off hours. Radon doesn't take time off.   Communication and installations on weekends are often preferred by homeowners and agents alike.  Denver Area Radon is happy to pick up the phone and work in the field on days that start with "S".

Accurate, firm quotes can usually be given via phone, based on information provided by a homeowner or agent.

D.A.R. maintains an old fashioned pride in quality, careful workmanship and a thorough, detail oriented, technique.  Fast and easy is not always the best option.