In most homes a basic, full, system can be installed in one day, that will reduce scores below 4.0 pCi/L.

Some puzzles are trickier than others.  There are MANY variables that can affect the performance a radon system.

The most challenging puzzles might require multiple return trips to the home, for modifications and testing, but with experience, ingenuity, and patience, any structure can meet the E.P.A. action level.    


Many homeowners discover that the radon system in their home is failing to perform at acceptable levels.  It is usually the result of lazy, corner cutting, time saving, workmanship or simple failure or reluctance to finish the job.  Sometimes it is the product of poor system design.  To make matters worse when they contact the company responsible for the original installation they find that the "guarantee" associated with the system does not include "upgrades" that might be necessary to enhance performance.  Even worse, perhaps the original company has gone out of business or suddenly looses interest in picking up their phone.

Denver Area Radon relishes the opportunity to exercise some creative problem solving skills and  play with a puzzle.

Arrangements can be made to make minor improvements or repairs to non-D.A.R. systems for service fees that cover cost of materials, time, and followup testing, OR, for a single fee Denver Area Radon will "take over" the existing system, insuring that any number of modifications or return trips to the house, required to reach acceptable radon concentrations, are not accompanied by additional service fees.