Denver Area Radon highly favors direct communication over email or text, especially during the bid process.  For this reason the D.A.R. email address is not even provided on this website.  The office line provided does not accept text.  Please call (303) 733-2982.  Leave a message and/or talk to the human who answers. 

Denver Area Radon is virtually always available by phone.  Though calls may sometimes be missed, messages are checked frequently and calls are returned promptly.  Communication is important and D.A.R. has quite willingly abandoned the 9-5 Monday thru Friday regime.  Calls are nearly as likely to be answered or returned in the evenings and weekends as during the "work day".

Experience has proven that direct dialog can be much more effective when exchanging information during the bid process than email or text correspondence.  Sometimes a simple conversation can reveal the difference between a normal every day install and a home that might call for an on site bid.

In most cases a brief Q&A session is all that is needed to provide a firm quote.


The principles and process behind the radon mitigation procedure can seem complicated, or even mysterious, to a home owner who, only days before, had never even heard of radon.  Denver Area Radon is always happy to take time to answer questions to address concerns of home owners and curious agents alike.