After the system is installed, every component will completely take care of itself.  The caulking compound, crawlspace membrane, and sump lids are durable and long lasting.  The inline fans used to drive the systems are sealed units that require no oil or maintenance of any kind.

U-tube manometers are installed on every system which can serve as a visual aid, to confirm that the fan is running.   

10 year and 30 year warranty packages are available.

All Denver Area Radon systems are covered by a minimum 10 year warranty.

  • The D.A.R. 10 year warranty envelopes workmanship and all materials associated with the installation (including the fan).

  • The D.A.R. 10 year warranty also envelopes test results.  Denver Area Radon systems are guaranteed to test at or below 3.9 pCi/L radon concentration for 10 years from the date of installation.

  • In the event test results indicate radon concentrations at or above 4.0 pCi/l at any time during the warranty period D.A.R. will return to make any repairs or modifications necessary to achieve scores below the E.P.A. action level, at no additional charge.  If necessary means to reduce radon concentrations to acceptable levels are deemed unreasonable by Denver Area Radon or the homeowner, the option to keep the system in operation or remove it with a full refund will be presented.

  • The warranty is transferable to subsequent owners of the property.

Being a small privately owned company, D.A.R. can not, with clear conscience, offer anything beyond a 10 year warranty (retirement might be nice some day).  This is one of the reasons Denver Area Radon maintains a partnership with Radon Engineering Consultants East Inc.

With multiple techs in the field Monday through Friday and a vast pool of resources R.E.C. East is capable of swift and reliable response time, when it comes to warranty enforcement.  For a small additional fee, Customers of D.A.R. have the option to triple the duration of their warranty coverage.  With this option, Denver Area Radon will assume responsibility for warranty enforcement until the system has proven to reduce the homes radon concentrations to acceptable levels.  At which time, long term warranty enforcement will be handed over to Radon Engineering Consultants East Inc.

  • The 30 year R.E.C. East warranty also covers all materials associated with the installation (including the fan) and future test scores. 

  • The 30 year R.E.C. East warranty is also transferable to subsequent owners of the property.

Exclusions to the warranty include:

  • Damage (IE "I hit it with my car" or "The neighbor kids pulled it down off the wall")

  • Natural hazards such as high ground water.

  • Issues associated with movement or cracking in foundations or slabs that were not apparent or accessible at the time of installation.

  • Additions to the structure constructed after the time of installation.